A little bit of Nara

I find it relaxing to see animals, especially if they are not kept in a cage and are just so carefree. I heard from a friend that deers in Nara are so carefree. They are not kept in cages. They roam in the park.

And so, I decided to head to Nara Park.

Nara is a one-hour train ride from Osaka, which is very convenient for me since I live in Osaka. I heard rumors that deers are so aggresive and when I went there, I understood why.

They are only aggressive if they are hungry. Just like every living thing, when you’re hungry, you get aggressive.

I enjoyed my time watching these deers. Seeing them being so free I wondered what if everyone has the freedom like them. Some people have their hands tied up that they can’t do anything they want with their lives. What a thought!

My friends and I also headed to some temples near Nara Park. Japan is so rich in culture and I really want to learn the history of the places I go to but I can’t read many kanji. 😣 I guess it’s time to study, eh? 😥

I would love to explore Nara more but my friends have to go and I’m too tired to roam around alone. Maybe next time, I’ll come back.


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