Once upon a time in Tokyo

Well.. who doesn’t get excited knowing you’ll be in Tokyo even just for a day or two?

My Tokyo story is nothing extraordinary for many, but to me it’s an amazing experience.

I’ve been to Shibuya to visit Hachiko and experience the Shibuya crossing commotion.

My friends in Tokyo treat me to dinner and to welcome me to Japan. ごちそうさまでした!

This is the cheapest sushi restaurant they’ve been telling me and honestly, the food is delicious. (Now, I’m craving for sushi)

For the second and last night on this quick visit to Tokyo, me and my batchmates (batchmates because we went to Japan the same day) have ramen at Ichiran near Roppongi station.

Tokyo in 24 hours is a bit “bitin” (in Tagalog) and I really want to experience more there. But while I’m riding the local trains in Tokyo, my mind keeps thinking about going back to Osaka. Osaka will be forever in my heart after all.

More pictures of my quick Tokyo trip:

Til next time Tokyo!


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